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I'm J9 the Crazy Bird Lady and a life-long animal lover. I raise birds in my home Aviary, along with two amazing dogs. My Aviary includes a gorgeous assortment of finches, a handful of Button Quail and often a pair or two of doves. I do band my birds and track their lineage; seasonally when mating pairs produce offspring I travel to several Bird Fairs with birds to sell. I am experiementing with setting up this website prior to the upcoming Fall Bird Fair in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Based on feedback and ease of use I may continue to post a sampling of the birds I am bringing to other upcoming Bird Fairs as well. Honestly, I'd rather spend time caring for my birds rather than updating a website! For now though, I hope you enjoy seeing a few photos of some of my birds and a partial list of a few varieties I plan to have available at Monroeville in October.