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Birds for Sale

A rotating assortment of birds will be for sale throughout the year as I travel to bird fairs ranging from Ohio to Michigan to Pennsylvania. I can never guarantee when pairs of birds will nest, but there is a steady variety annually. Depending on how useful this page is in informing buyers of my selection of birds, I may update it prior to each Bird Fair during the year. For now, it shows a percentage of the birds which will be available in Monroeville in October. Your feedback and questions are welcome!

The following descriptions correspond with the photos below and are a sample of the available birds at the October 2020 Monroeville bird fair:

  • Canary
  • Diamond Doves
  • Java Sparrow
  • Turquoisine Grasskeet
  • Spice Finch
  • Zebra Finch
  • And more!

OHPA Bird Fair: Sunday, October 18, 2020
Location: 600 Garden City Drive, Monroeville PA, 15146

Periodically during the winter months I will have birds ready to sell depending on nesting and maturity. If you are interested in a specific bird please contact me at any time with questions regarding availability.

Diamond Dove
Java Sparrow
Turquoisine Grasskeet
Spice Finch
Zebra Finch