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On the Perch

J9's Aviary raises popular perching birds including many varieties of finches as well as sparrows and doves. The range of colors and varieties is magnificent! Shown here are just some of the numerous breeds in the Aviary. As time permits (& birds cooperate) I plan on adding more photos!

Gouldian Finches
Cordon Bleu Finch
Diamond Dove
Star Finch
Rosy Bourkes
Normal Bourkes
Spice Finch
Orange Bishop Weaver Finch
Java Sparrow
Turquoise Grasskeet Pair 1
Turquoise Grasskeet Pair 2
Diamond Firetail Finch
Strawberry Finch
Blue Grasskeet
Parrot Finch: Blueface
Parrot Finch: Red Green
Scarlet Chested Grasskeet
Bronze Canary
Indian Silverbill
Blueface Parrot (Pied) Finch
Society Finch