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Ground Birds

Button quail are the smallest of the quail family and are truly cute as a button! Many bird owners like to keep a few quail as their "clean-up crew;" as ground birds their flight is limited in height and they are great at the bottom of a finch or parakeet cage to help clean up dropped seed. Quail still require additional food (crumble) as fallen seed mix is not an adequate diet. Button quail are are also fun to have as your main pet; they happily can live in a rabbit style cage with pine chips and some artifical plants. I have several mating pairs and thus see an interesting array of colors when new chicks hatch. Button quail hens generally will lay an egg a day year round and are happy living alone, with a mate or as a small flock of 2 or more hens.

Speckled female
Red-Breasted male
Silver female
Mating pair #1, male
Mating pair #1, female
Mating pair #2

Below is a link to the live view of some baby quail. It is not always turned on, so check again later if you get an error.

Click here for the Live Camera